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what if there was no Cross

What if the Japanese has not bombed Pearl Harbor and the American has stayed away from the Second World War. 

Japanese would have conquered all of Asie.

Yet the Japanese went ahead and bombed “Pearl Harbor ” that resulted in the Americans bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which resulted in there subsequent surrender and lost of the war.

 What if; there has not been a cross for Christ?

 It means we cannot see the symbol of  Christ laid work.

 Yet Jesus was talking about the suffering he will face in Jerusalem, knowing what  await him , still went on that direction.

What if Jesus changed his mind and listen to the disciplines discouragement.

 Peter knows Jesus as the messiah, but was discouraging to the direction Jesus choose ;Jesus rebuked him “get behind me satan” satan been the discouraging spirit in Peter to dissuade Jesus from going to Jerusalem. 

 For Jesus focus on going to Jerusalem is not the pain he will go through but the glory he will receive at the end and to fulfill his Father’s wish,who has called him to go to Jerusalem and redeem the world from destruction caused by sin.

 ” if Jesus has not died ,there will not be the resurrection from death and if there was no cross there will not be the symbol of his dead. 

.For no cross means no define Justice ,equality and peace
.No cross mean no reconciliation with God
.No cross means no Christianity.
.No cross means no love and sacrifice.

Since we follow the man who has carried the cross , how has it affected your life?

 What do we mean by a cross? 

One way to think of a cross is anything that challenges our faith be it in the form of spiritual or physical. In time like this we have to learn to rely on Gods promises rather than Man’s power.

 Disasters and sickness are not crosses in and off themselves.

Why would the loving God let disasters and famine claim the lives of so many people in Sudan and Nepal?

How is the Lord going to take care of family when money is so tight?

Would I be able to serve God better if I wasn’t hampered by this disease or sickness? 

And deep inside us , our gut wants to say yes ; I could bring so much more glory to my savior if everything is ok.

 Jesus responds to all our thinking; if anyone will come after me , he must deny himself from every material things and carry his cross and follow me.

 This implies that we have to deny that gut feeling that makes us feels that we know what is best for us.

That inclination that wants to have a say in what is good for us.
 For we cannot bring glory to God without the cross. 

For the cross is the burden of out glory and we must carry it along.

The challenges of carrying your cross will lead to physical hardship,struggle and death,” but the Holy Spirit will give you life glory that that comes from Christ Jesus and will set you free from sin and death “(Romans.8:2)

Hold on to the word of Jesus no matter what challenges you face.

For what good shall it profit a man to gain they whole world and loose his own soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul (Mathew16:)

 What God ordains is always good.

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