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Enrich your life in God ( Luke12:13-21)

. Jesus often talks about money matters because money matters. . About two thirds of His parables are about money. . One of them is ” the parables of the rich fool”. Those who are intelligent can be rich but in this parable Jesus is talking about a Rich Fool ( a person who act … Continue reading

Choose: dead or life” Romans 8:1-17

What is the purpose of our live on earth? Are we living in accordance to our purpose? If you are given two choice of Life and Dead , which one are you going to choose and why? Life : has two ways ,through the spirit and through the physical and these two ways leads us … Continue reading

Live by the spirit ( Galatians:5)

Christ came to set us free, from our sin and fill us with the Holy Spirit to guide our action in our daily life. Two types of people in our life; 1. People whose acts are sinful ,are influenced by the contrary spirit of nature like; Sexual immorality, impunity,debauchery,idolatry, witchcraft,hatred,discord,jealousy, rage  “Those who doubt in Jesus … Continue reading

God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian.

God the spirit, guide and guardian, windsped flame and hovering dove, breath of life and voice of prophets, sign of bleep, power of love: give to those who lead your people fresh anointing of your grace ; send them forth as bold apostles to your church in every place. Christ our savior, sovereign, shepherd, word … Continue reading

Spiritual Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)

The key to good orchestra is the harmony and value each musicians attach to each other, knowing and understanding the purpose of the harmony is to produce a delighting rhyme that will thrill the audience. The spiritual gift is equally given to everyone who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, … Continue reading