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Spiritual Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)

The key to good orchestra is the harmony and value each musicians attach to each other, knowing and understanding the purpose of the harmony is to produce a delighting rhyme that will thrill the audience.

The spiritual gift is equally given to everyone who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, this gift is given to all believer to empower them to reach out to unbelievers and win or bring a soul to God.

For their are different type of spiritual gift but all have the same purpose and all spiritual gift is also given by one person who is the focus point of our life to serve in harmony. 

Just say the orchestra consist of many instruments and people, is only when the work in Harmony the can produce a good rhyme.

The same way the spiritual gift is given to different individuals and each is given a different spiritual gift and is only when the spirit work together the will be able to build the church and win soul to the delight of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our conductor and redeemer.

Some time we are ignorant or I will say insensitive to the spiritual gift God has given to us, because we don’t try to find out what particular gift God has given to us. Some of us want to be the “Jack of all trade and Master of none” is only when we priorities our life can we be able to realize what spiritual gift God has given us.

Just as the orchestra practice daily to develop and harness their skills to be better and perfect.

So also we have to practice daily to build our faith and develop our spiritual gift.  For when we cease to practice  or exercise the spirit , it will become rusty and eventually depart. “For practice makes perfect”

How to discover or exercise your spiritual gift:

1. Prayer gives you the opportunity to ask God questions and seek for his revelation and direction upon your life.

2. Be involved in things that concerns God especially in church activities and ministry , so you can start to exercise and build your talent and gift.

3. Seek for consultation with elders or Pastors in your church to further guide you and coach you on how you can live and maintain your spiritual gift and use the gift to bring glory to God.

The church will be a powerful church if all members will exercise the spiritual gift in harmony to Gods glory. And will be weak if we fail to exercise the spirit in harmony.


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