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Live by the spirit ( Galatians:5)

Christ came to set us free, from our sin and fill us with the Holy Spirit to guide our action in our daily life.

Two types of people in our life;

1. People whose acts are sinful ,are influenced by the contrary spirit of nature like; Sexual immorality, impunity,debauchery,idolatry, witchcraft,hatred,discord,jealousy, rage 

“Those who doubt in Jesus live by nature.

 2. People who live and act by faith are influenced by the Holy spirit like ; Love,joy,peace,patience,kindness, faithfulness.

“For those who believe in Jesus live by the spirit. 

John16:8- when the Holy Spirit comes he will convict the world of quilt in regard to our sin and righteousness. 

John16:13-  when the spirit of truth lives in you, he will guide you into all truth.

The Trinity; God the Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit are doctrines we should understand and incorporate in our life and open our heart to allow the trinity to live in our life and guide us in our actions so that people can see us different from the nature.

 For you cannot live in Spirit while your physical actions are natured influenced instead of spiritual influenced.

When we are not led by the spirit is when we fail to respond to the spirit direction or misunderstood the spirit. 

For we should know that there are contrary spirit, that misled us to sin and stop us from been led by the Holy Spirit.

Contrary Spirit are nature influenced spirit and Works in opposition to the Holy Spirit..

How do we know that the spirit works in us; 

*How far we know the spirit.

*How far we trust the spirit.

* How far we connect to the spirit.

Holly spirit will give us strength in our depression, will guide us in our confusion to make the right decision and take the right direction.

“Live by the spirit, keep in step with the spirit”.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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