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“Revisiting” Psalm23.

is not an instruction from God but a statement from David, how come he made such wise decision on the Lord been his Shepherd. David realized that only the Lord can be a good Shepard, that made him further say “I shall not want” for him he is contended with what he already has. For … Continue reading

How can I share my faith (acts 8:26-40)

By 2017, Indonesia will be toppled by Pakistan as the most populated Moslem country in the world. This is as a result of many Indonesian Moslems accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. When we say sharing our faith, it translate to sharing our encounter and experiences with God in our life with unbelievers. … Continue reading

“Fight the Faith” Jude 1:1-end

Few weeks ago some church members where displeased by the action of the pastor to sale a church Land, he was suspended but the pastor went to court to overturn his suspension and was re instated. The USA Supreme Court ruled that Gay marriage should be legalized in all 51 states, there by over ruling … Continue reading