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“Revisiting” Psalm23.

is not an instruction from God but a statement from David, how come he made such wise decision on the Lord been his Shepherd.

David realized that only the Lord can be a good Shepard, that made him further say “I shall not want” for him he is contended with what he already has. For not wanting doesn’t mean his life is perfect and free of challenges. 

For David to know the Lord as his Shepard means a total trust on the shepherd knowing that an obedient sheep will always be rewarded with a green pastures. 

For the sheep to lay down , it has to be free from fear, flys, hunger That means trusting the Shepard to shield and provide all the above needs .

Is only a caring and understanding Shepard, can provide all the needs of the sheep, before the sheep can accept to lay down. 

The shepherds will lead the sheep to a still water, for the sheep is terrified by a stormy water. In our troubled lives the Lord will always bring tranquility as in the cause of the challenges David face the Lord restored his souls. For when a sheep feeds he forget all his challenges and fear, knowing the shepherd is their to restore any lost of time and danger.

 If we don’t want God discipline and direction we cannot call him our Shepherd. For the shepherd is fully committed without doubt on the good behavior of the sheep.

For the shepherd always ensure the grass, water and environment are green,clean and safe, before he settle the sheep to graze, drink and lay down.

When do we make the lord our shepherd, do we wait for danger and drought and fermining or when our life is secure, green and comfortable. For we have to know that the Lord owe us nothing but is moved by his compassionate mercy,love and goodness  to follow us.


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