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Goliath? No Way! “1 Samuel 17:40-50”

Precise and Concise ; Goloath no way! Exclamation transcend to shock we encounter when we face a huge challenge in life. David self confidence and determination not to be intimidated by how huge, well equipped and trained Goliath stand went forth to confront the Giant of intimidation as he has has a first hand experience … Continue reading

Federal Character & Renegades.

PMB, actions in his appointment reflects that Nigeria is divided in ethnicity and is common for him to look around his region and appoint people who can speak the same dialect and share the same culture, to keep him grounded. He may still balance his appointments, no doubt but we have to face the reality … Continue reading

Sensitivity to the sufferings of others (1Peter3:8-12)

this days we are living in a; .busy world. .unsafe. .unjust . .persecution of our faith. . Peter sent a letter to the pilgrims of dispersion because of persecution.  He advised the following; . How Christians should live in a community; To Be likeminded,sympathetic, loving, compassion and humble. The adjective describe what is inside a … Continue reading

“The challenge to Peace & Shalom. Joel 3:1-6,10.

as we celebrate the independence of Indonesia and other Asia pacific countries we have to realize that the journey was fought with blood and many died because the believe and desired to be independent from colonization and live in peace and harmony The present Hiroshoma that is so beautiful, use to be a devastating place … Continue reading

Transformation in change

Paul KAgame of Rwanda has been able to change the political and infrastructural landscape of Kigali and the country based on issues based policies. He removed tribalism and harmonised the country by strengthening the constitution to be above tribalism and religion. Nigeria need such transformation for the citizens to trust each other and have a … Continue reading

Breathing….! Mark1:14-20

When Jesus called his disciples to love one another , he commanded that the “breath” in a relationally polluted way. Jesus committed himself to the disciples(Philipians2) providing an opportunity for you to grow and become everything God want you to be. Significant order;before the disciples can commit themselves he committed his own self to them.  … Continue reading

Escape from God’s Calling? No Way! ( Jonah 1:1-17&2:10-3:10)

When God asked Jonah to go to the city of Niniveh to preach repentance and salvation, Jonah has other taughts and plan to escape from Gods call.  But God always use every circumstance in our life to guide and train us for his ministry.  For each step Jonah has taken the Lord was always with … Continue reading