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Breathing….! Mark1:14-20

When Jesus called his disciples to love one another , he commanded that the “breath” in a relationally polluted way.

Jesus committed himself to the disciples(Philipians2) providing an opportunity for you to grow and become everything God want you to be.

Significant order;before the disciples can commit themselves he committed his own self to them. 

This kind of relationship would result in growth and maturity.

” your growth and development should aimed to make it last.

– All valuable relationship begin with commitment 

– Christian love begins with a commandment that calls us to choose to love people regardless of their human attractiveness 

– Love is active; not passive.

Jesus illustrated servant hood most powerfully when he gathered his disciples and washed their feet. Leading by example. 

Out culture teaches us the opposite to dominate and be served.

– To serve is to ask the growth question: what do others in this relationship need that I can give that will enhance their growth.

To serve in Jesus view is not to pick oute they most easily served or they most likeable: it is a commitment that doesn’t discriminate in service  but is committed to serve all in equality.

. Jesus commitment was to keep the disciples breathing:

. Breath he said , when they though the are not worthy.

Breath when your depressed.

Breath when your challenged .

Breath when your frustrated 

Breath when your disappointed 

No matter what we will let each other breathing and we’re not going to stop .


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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