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“The challenge to Peace & Shalom. Joel 3:1-6,10.

as we celebrate the independence of Indonesia and other Asia pacific countries we have to realize that the journey was fought with blood and many died because the believe and desired to be independent from colonization and live in peace and harmony

The present Hiroshoma that is so beautiful, use to be a devastating place riddled with dead bodies and nuclear radiation. The challenge of overcoming such a disaster to realize that war was not a way of life but peace is a way of sustaining and living life.

The bible has account of several war events that ravished and impoverished a nation. 

The Lord is leading the weak to defend its nation, to give them a sense of hope, security and protection against the predator nation. 

For the lord is a God of justice and will surely render judgement in all our action and inaction.

For the lord call for indepence and peace. The people ecological peace is people oriented. While Bibilical peace calls for principle guidance and accountability in our actions and the rejection force.

UN in 1945, promogated a charter against the use of force again any sovereignty nation and each nation shall respect each other and be treated with equity and fair play and be allowed to choose and live in accordance to its way of life and constitution.

It is in the position of strength that peace is acquired. Peace has no discrimination, no violence against women and children. Peace gives human that ability to be creative . 

For their can be no peace without independence, for fight for independence is colossal with peace. For been independence gives peace to the environment and heart. 

For independence is not given freely, it comes with struggle and fight. Independence is a collective birthing of one people one mission and nation. Ecclesiastic mentioned about time for everything in life. 

It’s important, we as the younger generation protect our ecological heritage against any form of aggression to our liberty and independence.

The more we aligned with principle of love for country the more we live in harmony and peace.

Our job as bearers of life is to transform all evil into love and peace 


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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