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Goliath? No Way! “1 Samuel 17:40-50”

Precise and Concise ; Goloath no way! Exclamation transcend to shock we encounter when we face a huge challenge in life. David self confidence and determination not to be intimidated by how huge, well equipped and trained Goliath stand went forth to confront the Giant of intimidation as he has has a first hand experience and stories of how this Giant has rediculled, abused and deprived his people.

David faith and trust in the Lord without a doubt gave him the strong spirit to challenge the Giant of destruction and intimidation. 

Many people doubted his motivations and intentions of coming out to challenge the Giant the have spend 40days plotting and thinking without any single action. 

The offer by King Saul to any body who kills the Giant may be a factor that pushed David to take stride to claim the price? David may also be motivated by the glory he will receives from God, having a first hand encounter of how he used his hand to kill a Lion, which was a marvel to those that heard it and to King Saul?

The two motives are entwined as a desire for Gods plan to be fulfilled in his life, include his glory and elevation from a Shepherd to a King which transcends  from spiritual to physical manifestation of Gods glory.

David lack of training and experience didn’t deter him, rather he trusted on his own ability and experience as a shepherd and a hunter, he trusted his tools (sling) to get the job done. 

In life we may face Giant that is better equipped, trained and experience than us, we should not be discouraged,displeased ,jealous or afraid of other people’s possessions but we should look inward on what we possess and be pleased to rely on our possession to challenge our Giants. 

For the word of God in Psalm23; “even thou i walk through the valley of shadow of death i shall fear no evil for thy rod and staff will comfort me. This verse transcends the physical challenge David faced, he trusted in God, he had Faith without doubt, he believed in the Lord, to lead him through the battle and The Lord didn’t fail him but gave him victory that changed his life forever.

We may not believe what the eyes of  face see but you can always believe what the eyes of faith can, for in (1Samuel 17:23) David morality and determination has been boasted when he saw the Goliath with the eyes of Faith, he addressed the giant by questioning who he think he was to intimidate, disrespect the army of God. 

May we challenge and question every giant with the eyes of faith.


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