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Love and Forgiveness create A New Relation among people (Philemon 1:1-25)

What’s in a name ? A name some time define expectations and personality as perceived by the namerer and the bearer. The letter by Paul to Philemon, consists of twenty verses  1-3. Greetings to Philemon and other mentioned names and the entire congregation. Shows his well understanding of how to approach people. 4-7. Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

Dare to be different. Part2(Mattew5:17-20)

What is more important than the rule is love(the Pharisees where persistence in obeying the law that made them dictator over their subjects devoid of love and filled with hate. Teaching and enforcement of the law sometime makes us to lack the sentiment towards our subjects.  The coming of Jesus outraged the Pharisees as Jesus … Continue reading

Dare to be different. Part1(Mathew5:13-16)

To influence or to be influenced? How do we translate a word to our real life, using God given talent and wisdom to influence and make a different in the society or people’s life. To be different; we must have something unique that others don’t have,or our actions must reflect and impart others.  Jesus lived … Continue reading