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Dare to be different. Part2(Mattew5:17-20)

What is more important than the rule is love(the Pharisees where persistence in obeying the law that made them dictator over their subjects devoid of love and filled with hate.

Teaching and enforcement of the law sometime makes us to lack the sentiment towards our subjects. 

The coming of Jesus outraged the Pharisees as Jesus was not abiding by the Law set by for the Pharisees to enforce.

The labeled him an outlaw and accuse and blackmail him for all sort of trumped accusations.

But among the Pharisees many admired him and his work, as his work and action where their for all to see and judge.

These division created by those who are followers of the Pharisees law and those who are followers of Jesus Christ and his ministry continued to cause confusion among the people.

The clarification Jesus gave to the misunderstanding is that he has come to fulfill the Law ,and you can imagine the confusion among the Pharisees who has judged him as threat to the law. 

Mathew5;18. Represent the reformation and fulfillment of the law as Jesus is the Law and has the power to reform the same law the Pharisees has misjudged and abused.

The Pharisees interpretation of the law made them above the law and place them righteous and made their subjects unrighteousness. 

How The Pharisees where righteous 
. They fasted regularly 

. The offered sacrifice 

. The gave alms

. The didn’t compromise , even with their Roman oppressors.

How do we exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees 

John3:16;; Jesus’ Righteousness 

. Believe in Jesus.

  –  Repent from your evil ways

   – No compromise 

. But also,love like him.

 – Give alms, and all good deeds,

 – exceed the scribe and Pharise in sacrificial love.

.Remember Jesus!

.We should be radically different ( sincerity at heart and action)

.Just like Jesus!

(enorth.com.cn) An atheist “man drove bajaj for twenty years to save enough money to pay for tuition of orphans and those that don’t have to attain education, his excemplary action of love and sincerity brought tears and solidarity across the nation when he died.

We have the capacity to exceed every human action.


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