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Love and Forgiveness create A New Relation among people (Philemon 1:1-25)

What’s in a name ? A name some time define expectations and personality as perceived by the namerer and the bearer.

The letter by Paul to Philemon, consists of twenty verses 

1-3. Greetings to Philemon and other mentioned names and the entire congregation. Shows his well understanding of how to approach people.

4-7. Thanksgiving and prayer : Paul was laying the groundwork for his appeal to Philemon on behalf of onesimus, by showing appreciation in reference to the past and self appraisal of his personality. 

8-12. Pauls appeal to Philemon for Onesimus: Onesimus was a slave who stole from Philemon and ran away to Rome where he taught nobody will recognize or find him, but When he met Paul and shared his life experience coincide to Paul knowing his master Philemon.

Paul was able to change onesimus to become a disciple of Christ and his close confident and servant. 

Onesimus was with Paul throughout his incancenration and was very useful and helpful. 

Paul reasoning, to Onesimus past action against Philemon; was God has a plan for Onesimus to be a better person and be useful to Gods service. 

Remember Joseph (Gen45:8) whom the brothers sold to slavery but was elevated by God in Egypt; when he revealed his brothers who he was and whom he has becomed,the where scared and seek his forgiveness but Joseph said “you have done nothing wrong but your action is an act of destiny from God. 

As were God has elevated his new person is far greater than were he started as time heals all pain.

Romans 8:32; for God arrange everything for the purpose of those he loves

Paul approach and standing up for Onesimus past , shows that he has a total trust on the new Onesimus who has shown a great character and commitment to stay focus on his new life. 

Paul also recognize Philemon personality as a believer and person whom he has had a close relationship and shared a lot of experience. 

How can we mend a broken relationship; is by love and forgiveness, no matter what may have transpired in the past , the future has a more better reward.

Personal remarks and greetings

22:25. Shows Paul has a deep relationship with Philemon and can always count and trust on him, as both has helped each other develop in his ministry.

Love and forgiveness create a new relationship among people, as Paul appealed for Philemon to forgive Onesimus of his wrong and accord him the same love and respect that he Philemon will accord Paul.

shows that Onesimus has been elevated from been a slave,thief and fugitive to been a respected discipline and friend to Paul. Life is a rotation.

Be kind and compassionate to one another forgiven each other just as Christ forgave us.

Practice makes perfect , when we practice love and forgiveness in our life and relationships with others, it will help us to make mends with others and God . We will be renewed and rewarded abundantly in Gods grace and love.

Bind us together Lord with Cord that cannot be broken.bind us together with love.  For we are Gods family.


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