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Dare to be different 3( Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. Mathew 5:21-48)

What is to be different mean to us? To be different translate into our daily life activity where we stand out in our action. 

Do this and live and live  and do this   Translate to been different in expectations and actions. 

Change of perspective; law/ regulations is given to guide our action towards a way of life in a society or environment, where we are expected to live in a certain way to reflect our life  principles guided by the existing regulations of such society.

Our profession(confession)- Christians/ the redeemed. We cannot say we are Christians without showing the difference in our life style and action. For as Christians we are guided by the word of God as our regulation and laws.

Professions should always be supported by facts, or else they are deceit. 

James 1:4-5: maturity grows with our relationship in God , and not with time. When we spend more time with God we develop in our understanding and perspective.

For perseverance must finish its work so we may be matured and complete, not lacking anything.

Whole heartedly seek God for wisdom and it will be generously given to us.  For we have to pay certain attention to Our life not in an old fashioned way but in a new way so we can be better than we are before.

The law through the lenses of the convening of grace:


1. Relationship matters more

. Beware of the softer sins

. Anger is a silent killer 

.settle it as soon as you spot it

. Peace with others is better than offering.

2.it starts with your heart

Sin is not only the action but it starts in the heart and mind; its not just your doing that hurt people but your conceivable action in your heart.

3. Not easily issue a divorce 

Moses law requires a husband to issue a divorce certificate; Jesus is teaching for you to seek reconciliation and understanding of what marriage is all about before you jump into the ship.

4. Say what you mean.

Be a person of intergrity ; be clear with what we mean , this swearing is unnecessary ( those that swear easily tell a lot of lies)

Simply let your yes be your yes and No be No- anything beyond this comes from evil. We have to stand up and say what we mean and not the opposite. 

5. Do good at all time, no matter what be good. Not as you ought to’ but as you should be’

For we are in a convenant of Grace and our action should be compelled by Gods grace to translate our commitment.

For we are the children of Christ and our trade mark should reflect Christ. 

We should not follow the looser vice of thinking but our heart. For God is gracious to us even when we fail to live to Gods expectations.

For Gods nature is good and generous, 

6. Love your enemies 

Lev19:18- love your neighbor- the Talmud says ‘ nothing of love to enemies.

Jesus: love our enemies,  not hate them rather ,show, ” active good will” towards them.

Pray for them,not just about them. 

We have to grow more mature , more wholesome and more shalom everyday .

Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect .we are called to live out our faith (our profession)  as the redeemed. The grace of Christ will help us as we seek to emulate with the father .i can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.


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