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Transformed” Romans12:1-2

We need the Holy Spirit to transform us from who we are to who we want to be.

We can do all kind of things to resist transformation, but with the help of the holyspirit we are gently led to transformation.

We need to be transformed in five ways to attain its completion.

 . Intellect.Thoughts.Feelings. Action and Will.

We where once lost without Christ now that we have been transformed to been with Christ,we are born again to accept Jesus Christ as our savior as a transformation  to a new creature.

If we truelly wants to be transformed in our life and action we need to renew our life inwards and see the outward in a different perspective.

For the world is a temporary place and we have to continue to transit  until we are transformed to our final destination in heaven and if we don’t transform our life while on earth we may be left out of heaven.

Transformed in the way we look at the church:

  The church began in your life once you accept and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, your life is transformed to a relationship with Christ and his Church.

We work in fellowship with others who has been transformed by faith and action in The Church of God.

Transformed in the way we look ourselves:

When we are transformed our mentality, appearance, action and general life style will go through a make over to reflect our new personality.

For we cannot claim to be transformed without reflecting our new personality ( you cannot put a new wine in an old wine skin) for the taste may be different but the look still old. 

When we transform our inward our outward has to be transformed.

We respond to God:

For we are transformed to respond to God.


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