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Do you know what time is it(Romans.13:11-14)

Salvation is near, today we lighting the first candle of the advent, we have awaken the spirit of the advent that is to come, this awakening give us ample time to be ready for the days ahead and to always be conscious and focus . The advent revive our spirit to reflect on the days … Continue reading

Stand firm and hold to the teaching. 2Thessalonians 2:13-17

The similarity between the Mumbai and Mali attack are all conducted by extremist terrorist who target the economic sector of both country to expose its security vulnerability and scare people from visiting the country.  The most of those killed in Mumbai was the workers why in Mali it was the guest, the reason was most … Continue reading

Freedom of expression is Priceless.

The present Government should realize that protest is a means of expressing once disappointment in failed government,school, and social economic justice and policies. Our life’s as citizens matters and we must have a voice in this democratic dispensation. Imprisonment and Intimidation doesn’t make one change rather it inspires him to continue to fight.  What is … Continue reading

Shalom for the children of God (Mathew2:41-52)

Shalom : peace, no war,Justice, wholeness , completeness ,well being: physical (healthy). To grow to be a whole person; one has to grow physically in strength and stature.   For we have to realize that many children are suffering from starvation and hunger and such kids cannot experience shalom in their life. For children who … Continue reading