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Freedom of expression is Priceless.

The present Government should realize that protest is a means of expressing once disappointment in failed government,school, and social economic justice and policies.

Our life’s as citizens matters and we must have a voice in this democratic dispensation. Imprisonment and Intimidation doesn’t make one change rather it inspires him to continue to fight. 

What is life if one cannot freely express himself, what is life if one cannot have a different opinion and understanding on the same issues, what is life if we think alike and walk in the same direction.

But God didn’t create us with same understanding and thinking, God diversified the world and made it competitive so that life will have a meaning to Human beings.

Injustice, Marginalization of the minority in a country or institution will result in a revolt that will address the issues.

University of Missouri students revolted and outsted the president of the university because he failed to address the issues of racism in the campus.

When one choose to ignore a core issue that has lingered for a decade,will only bring himself to peril, for when the oppressed rise up against the oppressor change will be the result.

Martin Luther King campaigned for equality among the people, Mandela campaign for liberation of the institution to benefit everybody regardless of skin color.

Ken Saro Wiwa spoke against the destruction of OGONI habitant (he was killed by the Abacha military led Government, but his message is stuck in the heart of the OGONI people.

Most of those who spoke against social injustice, racial discrimination, environmental pollution where all intimidated and imprisoned. What is wrong with people in Power, that the don’t even realize How Far the have shielded themselves from reality and ballooned on illusion. 

Myanmar has finally elected Suu kyi as the first female president, this result has been years of house arrest and protest against the hardline military government mentality that has impoverished a nation that is abundantly blessed in natural resources. 

Change is not when you change your old cloth to a new one, it has to be from deep inside your heart, for what people see in you is the result of who you are. Let us be vigilante without fear, for fear is the cowardice of most people who are afraid to face reality, the cowards in our society who accept every condition without questioning why? 

The cowards hide behind the curtain and peep from the window blind to see if the fearless has survived the fight so the can come out and rejoice or lay down their critics and folly ideas. 

I believe we are born with dignity and we should rise and protect our dignity against any polices that tramples on our fundamental human right. Freedom of Expression should be encouraged and not intimidated.


About amuzementpark

Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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