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Stand firm and hold to the teaching. 2Thessalonians 2:13-17

The similarity between the Mumbai and Mali attack are all conducted by extremist terrorist who target the economic sector of both country to expose its security vulnerability and scare people from visiting the country. 

The most of those killed in Mumbai was the workers why in Mali it was the guest, the reason was most guest in the Taj Hotel where instructed to lock them self up in their room, why the 600 workers at duty has to run for their life and was exposed to the impending danger. The opposite was the case as the guest where exposed as the try to escape from the hotel.

The media 

The gospel of Christ was called to stand firm and hold on to his teaching, but only those who stand the teaching with their mind can stand firm in Christ teaching.

We have to be strong in the teaching by learning and discerning ; For you cannot claim to be a Christian without believing in the Holy Trinity, you cannot say you believe without believing in the holy scriptures. 

Teaching is more about values than about knowledge but do not underestimate the importance of power in knowledge. 

2Thessalonians2:15 ; stand firm and hold to the teaching we passed on to you, whether by word of our mouth or by letter.

Teaching is “doctrines” from word to action  and remember the teacher is teaching what was passed unto him by our forefathers to his congregation  which the congregation will learn and teach the younger ones this buttress that the  Faith of our fathers still live on, for their is nothing new in the Holy book except that that was passed on to us by our forefathers.

Faith of our fathers will still strive to win all nations unto thee; and through truth that comes from God we shall then be truly free.

Faith of our fathers will love both friends and foes,  all in our strife to thee. 

Paradox of salvation 

We are saved only by the grace of God – by our lord Jesus Christ himself and God our father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement.

Roman chathlics believes only the righteous can be saved and we can redeem our sin with money. Luther stressed that is only by grace that we can be redeemed and not by money. 

This two doctrines divided the church and led to the revolution that birth to the Protestants church.  Some time people who are ordained are economical with the truth because the want to continue to explore the ignorance of the believers.

The Jewish believe in the Old Testament because it reflect on their tradition and values.

The Moslem believe in the Old testaments as it also reflect on their tradition and values. 

Christians believe in the Old and New testaments as it reflects on our tradition and values.

Christians tradition means;

We believe in the holy scriptures as written tradition which testifies about Christ 

We believe in the teaching of Jesus Christ and his apostles that Jesus died , risen and will come again in his glory to judge the living and the death.{1Thess2v2. 2Peter3:3,4}

We are to be motivated to carry our cross till the end,as the apostles and the first Christians did because the hold fast to the tradition; for most Christians who are persecuted in Iraq and Syria who choose to stay are the traditional (Orthodox) Christians.

The stayed because the believe in their tradition and values and choose to stay and die in such values, some other reason may be the have no money, place or are sick. 

Our heritage of faith in our tradition as Christians may not reflect who we are for tradition evolves around our developments to life challenge and change.


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