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The time for hope in salvation (Isaiah 12:1-6)

During the time of Isaiah :

. Isaiah was one of the prophets who proclaim the gospel of  grace in God for the Jews and Gentiles and foresee the coming of Jesus Christ .

. God revealed Jesus Christ to him (John 12:40)

. Knew both the birth and return of the Lord (Isaiah11:1-6)

. Knew the love , power ,wisdom of the coming messiah for the messiah knows what others could not see.

Every day we pray for change and for better future because what we see and face each  day is worst than our expectations. 

When God judge he knows the heart and the motives of all our heart desires and actions. For the Lord doesn’t look at the things a Man looks at, for man look at the flesh but God looks inward.

Salvation from God;

. God is angry with sinners, and yet he offers his grace to the sinners (1John1-8)

. God is just,because he knows our transgressions and yet he is merciful 

The challenge:

. The bible tell us to trust thy Lord and yet many times we could be afraid and fear to do things that could be seen and felt by others (John12:42-43)

.As a Christian we should know that ” no cross no glory”(Luke9:23). We will have to face persecution because of our faith(Integrity)

.Thus we become a witness of God(exodus12:38)

The persecution we face is nothing compared to the wrath of God when we fail to adhere to his word.

When you hear of war and evolution, do not be afraid, for  that is not the end of the world.

These will result in we been witnesses of God to survive such a trivial time and give testimonies of God’s mercy and grace. We have to always watch and pray in all time.

  Have faith in Jesus and do not be afraid for we are sealed, even death cannot conquer us. For God is able to protect us against the pestilence of the earth.

As we have been saved , God expect us to proclaim his gospel, so unbelievers will be saved. For we are the living letter of the word of God. 

Today we light three candles of peace,hope and Joy.

For believes has been freed from the wrath to come but not from persecution to come, for we must carry out cross if we have to rejoice in the Lord. 

For this is the time to proclaim Gods love for others.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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