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Psalm 34:1-3 I will praise the Lord.

This psalm34 is dedicated to me. We all know David , a man after Gods heart, his uniqueness is his ability to thank God in all situations.

About thanksgiving .when we reflect on our life from January to this present moment on all aspect ,do we have a reason to thank God or not?  The gift of life is more precious than any materials things we may desire or possess and a good reason to thanks God.

David was an ordinary shepherd but God chose him above those with material wealth and comfort to enthroned him as the King. His journey to the throne was filled with thongs and pines but he breaved all at the risk of his life .

God can save us through the works of our life if we magnify the Lord, for when we sought the Lord he will hear us and deliver us from the debanacles of life.

Do you know that you can cry and God will not hear you but when you cry according to Gods principle he will hear you. Test the Lord and see how he is Good. For his goodness and mercy endure forever.

Their must be reason to thank God in every day of our life, for many was not able to see the beauty of this moment. 

Psalm103:bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits,psalm105: give thanks to the Lord , seek his presence and remember his marvelous work that he has done.


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