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The Spirit Man is the candle of the Lord. (Proverb 20vs 27)

For we have been empowered to be the light of God, searching the underbelly of the world. 

Jeremiah 29v8-16, the season of dryness in my life I command you to dry up.

 Testimonies : given thanks for the special church programme where she received healing from blood issue. Thanking God for her life as she got promoted in her job and has been stronger . When she came to join the church her life was in confused state and thanks God today she has found her life direction.

During her travel to nearby town the driver was speeding and when she heard a dream of a bus run into the tanker and later she open her eyes and saw the same revelation in reality and the tanker just stopped.

Thanking God for salvation of her soul and mercy to her family and she testify about domestic accident where the entrance gate fell on her leg.

Thanking God for bringing her to the church , for she has been going through a lot of emotion and financial difficulties and God was able to change things and she travelled to east where our car break down at the middle of the road and God helped her to overcome.

The spirit of the Man is the candle of the Lord searching all the equal part of her bedding.

Our spirit is what will kill our darkness.

If your spirit mind is not ok you will experience darkness ( no Gods response to your prayers)

The spirit of man can be under serious yoke( which doesn’t allow us to have our freedom( bondage,tying you down.

Your spirit is the reflection in your dream, and will make you to be closer to God..

We neglect the spirit and focus more on the physique of our body.

1Corithians 2:11; when the spirit man is not connected it lack the information to project your life.

Sometime when we need urgent information if our spirit man is not connected we will lack 

A spirit man can be blind , wounded eslaved.

What to do to deliver your spirit man;

-Be born again.

-Know the state of your spirit.

-Deal with your spirit man.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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