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Understanding the power of soul tie.

If a soul tie is in place in your life, a strong battle is in place.

When Soul tie is in place you discover the hidden bondage the enemy is seating on.

A soul tie can neither be positive or negative as it connects the soul to the world, for in your soul lyes   your will power. Some people their will power is conjoined to either of the negative and positive.

The suggestion where a marriage is not soul tied by a pastor , such marriages will face turbulence.

When we talk about soul tie, we are bound to understandwhat ties we have committed unknowingly in our life that has caused us to experience sets back.

The origin of soul tie can be generational to your family as a result of actions prio to your been born or by your actions as an adult.

Some parents do take some extreme measures when the are pregnant and unknowingly expose the foetus to such soultie.

.When the have joined demonic church.

. When they have demonic friends that influence them.

. When the have an evil spirit in their life.

. When vows are made using blood and sacrifice.

. When obtaining gift in a deceitful way. 

Types of Soul tie:

Father and Son soul tie; seeing your parents in the dream often.

 Balamic soul tie ; when we cause for no reason.

 Jezebel and Delilah soul tie. Pictorial soultie, Internet soul tie, imagination soultie, witch craft soul tie, nativity soul tie. Dreams soul tie.


1.Deal with the soultie one after the other and be willing to be saved and do basic resuscitation, forgive yourself in all your action. 

2.Seek Gods forgiveness in your life, if you are in any of the aforementioned soul tie.


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