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“Jesus is tested so are we”(The order of priority in life) Mathew4:1-11)

Our focal point in this bible chapter is verse(4) “Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God”

When Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil, because he was weak,hungry and mentally challenged. He could have chosen the options to satisfy his physical needs which could have brought a temporary relieve to his physical need. 

“But because he was spiritually satisfied his physical needs become a less priority. 

If Jesus can be tempted so also Man can be tempted, this life is not a matter of flesh and blood but also about spirituality. 

 For our spiritual consciousness will help to guide our physical consciousness. The physical and spiritual food has to be consumed daily to strengthen our general well been, in facing every challenge of life.

We have to set our order of priority to be able to shield us against any devil destruction in our life. For when we set our priority right we can make choices that suit our spiritual and physical desires.

Many a time human being are worried about many physical life needs but we have to remember that our priority should be the word of God.

If we feel that our life is not going well, we should set out time to reflect on our life and address those issues of distraction and weight its importance.

For Jesus said” seek ye the kingdom of God and every other things will be added to you. For the will of God is different from Mans will.

 Romans12:2( don’t be conformed to the norm and values of the world but be transformed by renewing of your mind so you may know what is good.

seek and test the values of Gods kingdom and you will see the difference it will bring forth to your life.

Let us correct the order of priority in our daily life , for God is able to fulfill his promise if we put him first in our life.


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