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It is finished (John 19:28-30)

Knowing that all has been completed, Jesus said am thirsty, a jar of vinegar was dipped in a rack and given to him and as he thirsted the vinegar, he gave up the ghost so that the scripture will be fulfilled. Most part of his life was spent in Nazareth and towards the end of … Continue reading

Hail to the prince of peace (Luke 19:29-44)

When we are expecting a special guest on a special event, we make all the ground preparation from the laying of the Red Carpet” to our dressing up and other necessities that will make such a moment a worthy remembrance. Jesus triumphant entry to Jerusalem has similar arrangement, as Jesus has pre planned this event … Continue reading

God’s Powerless or Powerful? (1Corinthians 1:18-31)

The cross as symbol to our faith, remind us the greatest sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus Christ to redeem us from God’s destruction in exchange for us to have eternal life in his kingdom. When we look at the cross we have to realize that this symbol has power and this power is shed … Continue reading

“The Rugged Cross” 2(Mathew 16:21-28)

Jesus come to the world so people will know that he is not only a prophet but God in human. For many a time we misunderstood who Jesus is and what purpose he came to the earth. For Jesus, the true messiah fore know his purpose on earth and work rigorously to fulfill his purpose, … Continue reading