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“The Rugged Cross” 2(Mathew 16:21-28)

Jesus come to the world so people will know that he is not only a prophet but God in human. For many a time we misunderstood who Jesus is and what purpose he came to the earth.

For Jesus, the true messiah fore know his purpose on earth and work rigorously to fulfill his purpose, even though his disciples misunderstood his purpose and failed to see the sign and time of him concluding his ministry on earth.

Jesus through his ministry made us to understand that every challenge he encounter has been made possible for the fulfillment of the scripture, for in other for us to believe that he is the messiah all the prophecies mentioned about his coming and purpose on earth will have to be full filled, even though he has the power to avert all the challenges.

For our plan is not the plan of God but Gods plan in our life is different and everything we do must be in accordance to Gods plan. For Jesus while on earth didn’t follow his own plan but the plan of God who has send him with a particular purpose ( To redeem the world).

  1. For any one who has decided  to follow Jesus will be ready to leave behind all he has and follow God and he will surely provide all your need.
  2. For we to save our life we must loose it but if we give our life to God , he will safeguard it.
  3. For eternity is much more secure than the vanity. For what shall it profit a man to gain everything and loose his soul.
  4. For a time will come for Son of man  to return to reward every one according to their deeds.
  5. We should reflect more on the direction of our life and if we are doing Gods wills in our life. For some will not taste death before the see the son of man coming in his glory.
  6. Let us follow Christ everyday and wear the cross everyday . To be ready to face the difficult challenges that comes with following Christ. Let us set our eyes on the reward that we will receive, the crown of glory that will never fade away.

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