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God’s Powerless or Powerful? (1Corinthians 1:18-31)

The cross as symbol to our faith, remind us the greatest sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus Christ to redeem us from God’s destruction in exchange for us to have eternal life in his kingdom.

When we look at the cross we have to realize that this symbol has power and this power is shed with blood of Jesus Christ, who is the omnipotent,omnipresent and omniscient. 

God who is our creator, could have used any other creatures be it living and non living to save the world, but because we are so sinful and distasteful people and not a worthy offering to God. 

God only choice was not on his creation on earth but his beloved Son in heaven, whom he so much loved and well pleased. Such a courage of action to look beyond the short benefit but for his long benefit and glory is beyond natural eyes.

There is no little sin against God because there is no little God to sin against” a sin is a sin before the eyes of God and will be used to judge you. 

We have a perception based on our human theory or influenced by other religion theory to believe in “Karma” as a way to reward our action be it evil or good. Such believe is borne out ignorance or our unbelieving spirit that refused to accept the forgiveness and redemption of our life on the “Cross”. 

The cross is a representation of man hopelessness in saving himself from sin. For the Cross has  interceded on our weakness by given us the strength to trust,believe without doubt in God.


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