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Hail to the prince of peace (Luke 19:29-44)

When we are expecting a special guest on a special event, we make all the ground preparation from the laying of the Red Carpet” to our dressing up and other necessities that will make such a moment a worthy remembrance.

Jesus triumphant entry to Jerusalem has similar arrangement, as Jesus has pre planned this event and instructed his disciples on what their duty will be to ensure that his entry to Jerusalem was a worthy of a king and a worth remembrance.

Jesus want his own people to recognize him for who he was but his disciples has a different understanding of who he was as the believed he is the messiah who has come to rule over them as their King.

We are in different situation with them now, as we are believers who are living in Christ spirit as we remember his words and action. Today we understand who Jesus was and his purpose on earth unlike those who witnessed his ministry but failed to understand his ministry and purpose.

1. Humility and peace (v25-35) Jesus choose a donkey instead of a Horse as a sign of his humbleness and understanding of his calling, for Donkeys has always be an obedient peaceful animal. Jesus want us to live in humility and peace and humble ourself to God and one another. Be honest in our action and to accept our wrong with apology.

Jesus didn’t wear a crown, even in the euphoria of the misunderstanding of his entry into Jerusalem, he never took advantage of the momentum rather he humbled himself and remain focus on his purpose and journey to Jerusalem.

2. Honoring God with 3H(Heart,Head,Hands)(v.36-38)) in accordance to the psalmist ” blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosaanah in the highest(Psalm.118:25-27) The where honoring him with their word and actions but their hearts are far from him (isaiah29:13;Mathew15:8)

Honoring Him with our Heart,Head( clear mind set about God,word) and Hand (Action) for Jesus foresee the motives of those who where shouting at the top of their voices Hosannah, as most of them are lip service. What God expect is a pure heart and not a mouth praise. A pure heart that transcend in our action.


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