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It is finished (John 19:28-30)

Knowing that all has been completed, Jesus said am thirsty, a jar of vinegar was dipped in a rack and given to him and as he thirsted the vinegar, he gave up the ghost so that the scripture will be fulfilled.

Most part of his life was spent in Nazareth and towards the end of his ministry, Jesus rode on a donkey which is a simple of peace,humbleness and submissive to Jerusalem. Where he was welcomed by his disciples with a great display of palm front and shout of “Hosaanah ” greatest is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Jesus stay in Jerusalem was filled with a lot of activity with the clearing of the temple, to having a supper with his disciples before he was betrayed by Judas iscariot, who was at the supper with him. 

Jesus was sold for thirty  pieces of silver , and accused of blasphemy” speaking against the Torah” that he promised to destroy Jerusalem and rebuild it in three days, but that is  literary as Jesus was referring his body as the temple of God .

When he was arrested he was surrounded by his disciples, he was anticipating this moment but his disciples was not ready, Peter cut of the ear of one of the Guards and Jesus picked it up and replaced it.

Within one day, he was arr Estes he was taken to six trials from caiaphas he was taken to the council of Sanhedrins who are the religion governing body of the Jews, for Sanhedrins power is limited the referred him to Pilates who is the Roman governor. 

Before Pilate the accuse him of treason for claiming to be the king, but Pilate failed to find their reason as substantial so he referred him to Herod. Herod was the king of Judea who was on a visit to Jerusalem, a trial was set up before Herod.

Before Herod, herod mocked and insulted Jesus but Jesus didn’t respond to him he was later referred back to Pilate for judgement , Pilate was stressed between telling the truth, or pleasing the Jews . The Jews want him crucified, crucifixion is used in punishing hard criminals .

Why ; Jesus has to die to save humanity from sin, because of our sin he was abused,tortured and beaten. From the cross Jesus prayed for his oppressors and seek for their sin forgiveness from his father, for he said the are ignorant of their action.

The enemy that was defeated by Jesus Christ was not the oppressors but the death.

For Jesus purpose on earth is to redeem humanity from sin in exchange for salvation and eternal life in his kingdom. 

When Peter betrayed Jesus, Jesus forgive him and gave him a new life, for any one that has sinned and come short of the glory of God will be forgiven once we seek his face and repent.


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