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Despair and Hope (Luke 24:13-35)

The two people who where going from Jerusalem to Emmaus discussing the breaking news of the event that just happened in Jerusalem concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ, where his disciples.

The where joined in the walk by Jesus who the failed to recognize not because his physical condition has changed or that he is covered with his burial cloth but rather “Jesus was now spirit in flesh.

Jesus was very disappointed that his disciples failed to remember what the prophets has said and what he has preached before his crucifixion. Jesus went on to further highlight the prophesy that has been said about his death and resurrection and his glory.  

Jesus believed in the Old Testament revelation of his death and resurrection and glory.

The men offered hospitality to Jesus making available all he will need to make his stay comfortable as the seek to unite the entire household. Jesus stayed and broke bread before the people recognise him and he disappeared.

The disciples eyes was opened to the realization that Jesus Christ resurrection was no longer a doubt . The rejoiced and went back to Jerusalem to share the good news with the Apostles, who where still in shock on the disappearance of Jesus Body from the tomb. 

As believers we should always realise that the word of God is truth in spirit and should learn to read and review his word to refresh out spirit soul and body of his teaching and to believe in the fulfillment of his prophesy.


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