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“The functional Family”(Deuteronomy 11:8-9,18-22)

Fix this words of mine in your heart and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.

The dysfunction of the family, can influence and contaminate a functional family.

What is a dysfunctional family; a family that has breakdown in communication,understanding using assumptions as a way of knowing the taughs of their family members. 

Some parents fail in their responsibilities to their families by lacking in leadership and vision of the family.

Communication breakdown when the leader fail to address issues that arise and sometimes lack the communication skill on how to speak and approach such issues. 

When your kids look upto you as an inspiration or hero and you fail them by your action, such damage is irreparable and may cause a great psychological problem on the kids perception of life.

Marriage is an institution, that we have to understand the foundation ,it’s build on love which has no enemy,  which thrives on a free spirit and forgiveness.

Gods principle of marriage should be the focus point of the two partners and help them to know how to build a family together. For if you follow Gods principle on marriage, your bound to enjoy happiness and trust and Love. 

Gods word should not depart from your mouth as it will help you to guard your tonque, reading the word of God daily will help you to have knowledge on how you can proceed.

Unfolding intimacy; opens the mind and heart of each other’s  to express themselves  without restrictions and criticism .

Corporations mindset; helps you to work and share your different ideas and ideology on every challenges that each face.

Negotiation differences; for their has to be a level playing field in the family to allow each other to be open minded and to share their thinking. Inconsistency arises when their is no level play field, where each other can feel insecured.

Individuality is understanding that we are created with different personality and characters and must respect and recognice each individuality and allowing them to co-exist with their complexities. 

Mistakes are part of life for no one is born perfect and we have to be reasonable in judging and criticism of each others fault and mistake so as not to damage the existing peace,love and happiness strivies in family environment. Been supportive of each others mistakes and failures will help the family to remain united.

We have to realise that God is very perfect in leadership and have to trust in God in all situations. Forgiveness is a vital weapon in a family and their should be no limitation in forgiveness. 

We have to allow people to grow and change and should not hold strongly in thinking and behavior, be flexible in thinking and actions. Develop new life interest that motivates you and also freshen your mental and physical maturity. 

God driven life will lead you to safety in your live journey, be it in family,marriage,relationships and business.

For the purpose of a functional family is God and his rules and guidance


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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