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And the truth shall make Nigeria Free

And The Truth Shall Make President Buhari Free By Reno Omokri Having worked twice at the Nigerian Presidential villa and once at the British Parliament, if there is anything I have learnt, it is that it is impossible to over inform a leader. You can under inform him, but no matter how much information you … Continue reading

“Vessels of Honor” (2 Timothy 2:20-26)

We are vessels to be used by God for his own purpose. There are two types of vessels; Vessels of Honor; are those who clean themselves well and are more likely to be santified for Gods purpose. Vessels of Dishonor; are unclean and more likely, will not be santified for Gods purpose. When we worship … Continue reading

Do you know the Holy Spirit?”(John 14:8-27)

Do you know the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit mean to you? What is the use and beneficial of the Holy Spirit in your life as a believer? We as mainstream orthodox churches seldom mention the word and often do not realise it’s presence in our midst. Because these churches do not show … Continue reading

Powerful Women – Deborah&Yael (Judge 4:1-24)

How can God in this situation appoint a woman to be a judge and lead the isrealite      to war and victory? Thus it means the men has failed God and are not leadership worthy. Let see some of the settings Isreal did evil in the eyes of the Lord, And faced a very … Continue reading

Go To Prepared A Place & Come Back ( John14:1-14″)

It is always painful to say “goodbye” to our loved ones, friends,business associate,fellow worshippers and many more people who in one way or the other has influnced and impacted our lives. Goodbye literally can mean we will never see again, due to life circumstances like death, or we are going to come back after. For … Continue reading