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Powerful Women – Deborah&Yael (Judge 4:1-24)

How can God in this situation appoint a woman to be a judge and lead the isrealite      to war and victory? Thus it means the men has failed God and are not leadership worthy.

Let see some of the settings

Isreal did evil in the eyes of the Lord, And faced a very difficult time as the where intimidated and captured by their enemies, the security of their life was abandoned.

Deborah the fifth Judge: Deborah means bee the highest intelligence in the animal kingdom.

In the midst of sin and idolatry, Deborah remain faithful to God and the torah.

A wife

What kind of man is Lapidoth?

– general opinion: a meek man who married to a strong willed woman?

– Supportive husband behind the scene?

– God fearing home that allows Deborah to exult as the mother of isreal.

The supportive role played by the husband allowed her wife (Deborah) to stay focus in her calling and service to the isrealites, for she exibited immese wisdom and understanding and was dedicated to the word of God and lived a righteous life in the face of the difficulties the isrealite faced.

A Prophetess:

 . People come to her with disputes.

.The gifts of discernment and prophesy 

. Prophetic gifts – the ability to discern the mind and purpose of God and declare it to others 

. Intuition , inspiration, reasoning, transformer 

She was able to lift the spirit of the people from lethargy and despair.

Awaken their determination to free themselves from their bondage and degradation.

Barak a warrior who has over thousands of Men in his command but lack the confidence and spirit to fight their enemy but seek the help of a woman. 

Barak physical strength could not motivate and give him confidence that he can win.

Because of his lack of will and motivation he seek for Deborah’s consent and advice and spiritual guidance and wisdom. 

Even at that he still want Deborah to lead his soldiers to the battle (8-9) Barak said to her ” if you go with me, i will go; but if you dont go with me, i will not go.”9. Certainly i will go with you,” said Deborah. “But because of the course you are taking, the honor will not be yours, for the Lord will deliver sisera to the hands of a woman.

God can use anyone, man and woman. Deborah is a woman of God, when the whole isrealite lived in sin and despair, she remanined true to God, therefore God used her to lead the isreal to raise up from their spiritual lethargy and despair, and to freedom from their oppressors.


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