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Do you know the Holy Spirit?”(John 14:8-27)

Do you know the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit mean to you? What is the use and beneficial of the Holy Spirit in your life as a believer?

We as mainstream orthodox churches seldom mention the word and often do not realise it’s presence in our midst. Because these churches do not show the gift of the holy spirit like speaking in tongues,prophesying,healing etc. in their daily worship and actions, brings doubts in other churches or believers.

Philips demand from Jesus” was for Jesus to show them the proof of the holy spirit, to show them the father and the will be satisfied. When the dont see this signs the doubt the reality of his word. Jesus response was very realistic:

1. Believe am the father and the Father is me, that means Jesus and the father is one.

2 Any one who has Faith in me will do what i have been doing . He will do even greater things than thesevs12.

When we are caught up in our negative mindset, we will not see anything good from what others has done. Philip question raises a doubt about his believe for he has been an eye witness to the miracles and work Jesus has been doing but still he was not satisfied.

Sometimes is only hatred and distaste that prevent us to see the good things that others are doing. We intend to thrive on the negative and discredit the hard work that even people in our live has done.

Marriage sometimes go sour when we forgot the sacrifice our spouse has put in to build a stable and peaceful home but will rather dwell on the mistakes she has made and her imperfections. For a house that is divided against itself will not stand.

The Holy Spirit is an advocate to guide and teach and remind us everything Jesus has done while on earth. For no church will function without the presence of the holy spirit and you can tell if the Holy spirit is in the church by the work the church is doing.

A church that is riddle with eternal conflict is not a sign that the church doesnt have the holy spirit is just that you dont feel the peace of the holy spirit in the church, for vs22: Judas said,” But, Lord why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world? vs23; Jesus replied,” If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My father will love him, and we will come to him and make our life with him.

The holy spirit lives in individuals and is what motivates and guide our daily life and action that inspire us to serve in Gods ministry and share our love to others. Outreach ministry that the church organise to help the needy and evangelise  Gods word is all through the fellowship of the Holy spirit.

The Holy Spirit spurs into action that transcends to touching lived that makes a change or difference on an individual. 

Speaking in tongues,prophesying and healing are gifts of the holy spirit that is given on individual who are supposed to use such gift in service to God and humanity.


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