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“Holy Communion(Means of Grace)”1 Corinthians 11:17-32”

“How do you know me better; Be still and know i am God. They early christians celebrated the holy communion either in group or when the gather together to create a unity that must be united in Christ. The celebration of the last supper was shamefully conducted and become and emberassment to the church of … Continue reading

Trials and Temptations (James1:12-18)

Temptations:  Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial; because, having stood the test; that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. Jesus was tempted before he began his mission(Mathew4) by Satan and not God(James1:13-15) the purpose ? to make Jesus fall. How did Jesus … Continue reading

Truth is Bitter

Truth is hard to swallow , especially when our high expectations for change has been dwarfed or cut short, when we realize the person whom our hope is upon is clueless and incompetent.   GEJ; remain outstanding in leadership and management and the record don’t lie.   Statistics has proven his achievement; corruption is the only thing … Continue reading

The Sacred of a Loving Heart”(Luke7:36-50)

The star; Jesus Christ When you make something that is normal in an usual way, people will easily be attracted to you.  Many of Jesus followers are those who has low and high  expectations and at the same time doubt of who Jesus was and his ability to perform miracles. Jesus broke boundaries of segregation … Continue reading

Parent – child relationship (Ephesian 6:1-4)(2 Samuel 18:19-33)

An old man took his phone to repair shop.Technician said, nothing is wrong with your phone and the old man sighed and said why does my children not call me again? Pillars we can build to make a good father and child relationship; Respect; Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifice  they went through … Continue reading