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The Sacred of a Loving Heart”(Luke7:36-50)

The star; Jesus Christ

When you make something that is normal in an usual way, people will easily be attracted to you. 

Many of Jesus followers are those who has low and high  expectations and at the same time doubt of who Jesus was and his ability to perform miracles.

Jesus broke boundaries of segregation and ventured into unknown terrain to be able to make people understand who he was and what he stand for. 

In life we have to rise above our fear and weaknesses to be able to standout in the crowd.

Jesus Christ, believed in diversification of his ministry and welcomed every body with open heart, which many questioned the open handedness of his ministry; we must realize that Jesus was send by God his father to minister to us and he is answerable to his father alone to all his action. 

Jesus never let criticism to change his focus. In life we should learn to remain focus on our goal and care less of the critics that want to define our objectives (goals.)

The host Simon is a Pharisee who believed in religion in accordance to the Thorah also he is a rich honorable member of the society who has everything ;so we can say he is abundantly “Blessed”. 

His invitation to Jesus for a feast was to impress himself and image on the public and to gain more publicity. 

Jesus acceptance to his invitation was to expose his self righteous and hypocrite.

The unwanted; in the society who has been regarded as sinners by the society and outlawed from the public, are no different from all of us who has sinned and come short of Gods glory. 

These unwanted has learned and listened to Jesus Christ preach and believed in him. 

They are conscious of their sins and seek for forgiveness. 

Why some of the Pharisees including the host pride themselves as righteous and descriminate against those they society has labeled sinners. 

The Unwanted who knows herself and aware of who Jesus was sacrificed her pride , her money, her strength her time and her body, to seek God. 

She stole the day before the host by her humble action of knowing who she was and was ready to face any consequences without fear or shame.

 Comparing the two , Simon the Pharisee and The sinful woman;  you will find a contrast in action ( Luke7;44-46)  as the host objectives of self appraisal was rewarded to the Sinful and Unwanted woman who made the guest to feel more welcomed than the Host, because the sinful woman has a more loving heart.

The Secret of a Loving Heart.

. Listen to the words and works of God.

. Open your heart,  know ourselves , know God

.Verified by Action

. enter a relation with God by confessing our sin.


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