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“Holy Communion(Means of Grace)”1 Corinthians 11:17-32”

“How do you know me better; Be still and know i am God.

They early christians celebrated the holy communion either in group or when the gather together to create a unity that must be united in Christ.

The celebration of the last supper was shamefully conducted and become and emberassment to the church of Corinthians. Many of them was selfish and without sincerity.

Looking at the positive side of people will endear you to come close to them,why the negative keeps us away.

The attitude of the church was not far better as it was the individual characters that divided the members. 

Paul describtion of the circumstance of the church was very compelling. In a church that has variation in personality and wealth combined together to share a common meal,this scenario shows a real christian fellowship where everybody set aside their difference in remeberance of Jesus commandment.

But,unfortunately some problems undermine the agape will of the church, Paul rebuked the differences and appealed for unity, instead of fellowship with entire family of same faith, they division of class and wealth divides the church.

During the time of paul,their was not much resources, so these weekly common meal helps to feed the poor and rich.

Some of us bring to the last supper, such a divisive spirit, that dimisnish the true meaning of the holy communion, social class and racist descrimination undermines the intergrity of the holy commuinion, which is against  the principle of Agape; The sacrificial lamb” Jesus Christ in his mercy gave these symbol of bread and wine as a remebrance of His death and salvation to mankind.

Just before he died ” Jesus said my God why have you forsaken me” the cry is the loss of the presence of the father because of our sin as God despise sin. As we are to live an undefiled life of purity and holiness with sincerity and truth and without shame.

All these are made possible because of Gods grace and is grace alone that has the power to free us from the captivity of sin and by grace alone we are saved. We must pray and catch hold of Gods grace until our prayer is answered. For we all have sinned and come short of Gods glory. 

God look at us through Christ death on the cross as his dead and resurrection has given us freedom from sin through his grace. For God look upon us as his children so that our sin will not have dominion over us for by grace we have freedom to live by the power of God that has given us strength to overcome satan.

Christ has set us free so we have to live in the power of Christ working in us that has given us victory. Free yourself from the bondage of living your live in your own strength. Allow Gods grace to transform your live in freedom with Christ Jesus.

Do you think your attitud and ability are worthy of this awasome moment our Lord Jesus has commanded us, we are called to have a repented heart to be humble in spirit and not to be overwhelm by our material wealth.

Paul didn’t say you must be worthy to partake in the last super but he said we should not allow unworthy action to restrain us from partaking in the supper. 

For what God is looking for is a broken heart and unworthy soul, we all know we have all have sinned and come short of Gods glory. For the Lords supper is a continuation of our rememberance of Gods welcoming love and forgiveness.

God want us to be sensitive to others and to the serving reality of the holy communion,  which is to celebrate with open heart and look at one another with joy and love.


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