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It takes Goldly parents to raise a child

Hilary Clinton has broken the glass ceiling today,because of her upbringing that has given her a resilient spirit.  In one of her book (It takes a village to raise a child) the subject of the title greatly transcend that only a parents cannot raise a child but a whole lot of the community which include, … Continue reading

Democrats versus Republicans

Democrat has shown unity in a diverse society plagued with so many civil uncertainty. American’s has a very clear different choices to make in they November election. Policies that unite and bring a fundamental change or policies that divide and bring fundamental derogation to it’s past dark history. Continuity of a progressive society and system … Continue reading

Restored and Reasigned (John.21:15-19)

     This conversation between Jesus and Peter is interesting as it was after they denial of Jesus by Peter during his prosecution.Jesus was seeking Peters assurance as a loyal servant to continue with his ministry.      In life once we are betrayed by our close associate, is quiet difficult for us to trust … Continue reading

Tongue (James3:1-12)

The power of tongue; tongue is something strong ,thou small but very powerful in impacting our daily life’s.  Hitler rise was based on his vocal oratory and command of words with his tongue, he used his tongue to create lies and fear that compel people to see him as powerful to change the world based … Continue reading

Who is your favorites?(James2:1-9)

Mahatamir Ghandi; testimony of his experience from reading the bible and beleiving that christianity can be a solution to the India’s cast system, but was so disappointed when he went to church to have a first hand experience of christianity mode of worship.  The “usher” favoristism mentality , refused to offer him a seat but … Continue reading