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Who is your favorites?(James2:1-9)

Mahatamir Ghandi; testimony of his experience from reading the bible and beleiving that christianity can be a solution to the India’s cast system, but was so disappointed when he went to church to have a first hand experience of christianity mode of worship.

 The “usher” favoristism mentality , refused to offer him a seat but admonished him to go back and worship with his own people, he was more than disappointed and demoralised and he concluded ” If christians has a problem of cast, let him remain with his hinduism”.

To show favoritism, in our life,workplace,church and society is what destroy’s our confidence and trust  on each other. 

For, before God,we are created and seen equal; disregard to our material, intellectual,social accolades, skin color and race. 

Christianity recognizes that we all are losers, before Jesus Christ redeem our lives through his death, which should empower us to see every loser as equal to every winner . For if christ has not died, who will be your favorite when we are all sinners and losers. 

For God doesn’t have a favorite person be it race,country,color,language, and doesn’t have pride. For favoritism is derived from “pride and complex” of how we see each other. 

The homogenous principe which defines that people like to worship with their own kind, is a total opposite of what God’s word stand for.

Christianity has been grossly influenced by individual doctrines and the Bible theology has been relegated to the back.

When we use principles of social science to logically interpret Gods word”which is the guiding principle of our faith” we create favoritism and division in the house of God and divide God’s children. 

Partiality also erupt and erode the principles of Gods vision and takes over Gods soverignity by elevating man as a judge over his fellow being.

 By treating others who has social and material wealth special above the poor and lower class, we have to always remember that Jesus Christ was born in a menger to Joseph who was an ordinary simple carpenter and Mary. 

David was the youngest in a big family and a shepherd who fought favoritism and disregard from his brothers and society  including the giant Goliath. He never allowed all the negative perspective about his person to undermine who he was and where he wants to be on his journey to the top.

Jesus Christ as the leader of the church set example of how we should treat one another (Love your neighbour as you love yourself) he fought favoritism and upper class, for been rich doesn’t make you holy and rightious, for the poorer you are the holier you’re as the poor are humble in heart and sees live from bottom up and not from up down. 

Vs5; has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him.

In our present society the rich are getting richer because the are discipline and keep a close circle among themselves, why the poor are getting poorer because the lack discipline and close circle that can bring forth innovation. 

But if the boudary of close circle and favoritism is broken amd the poor and the rich can be in the same circle without partiality but based on merit and commitment, you will see the table change as many of the rich will be poor and many of the poor will become rich. 

The church should lead in breaking walls of favoritism and partiality in the society.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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