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Restored and Reasigned (John.21:15-19)

     This conversation between Jesus and Peter is interesting as it was after they denial of Jesus by Peter during his prosecution.Jesus was seeking Peters assurance as a loyal servant to continue with his ministry. 

    In life once we are betrayed by our close associate, is quiet difficult for us to trust such a person. We do remember how Peter cut the ear of the guard who came to arrest Jesus , we also remember how the same Peter denied Jesus Christ during his trial. 

   Peter has projected himself as the next man or right hand man of Jesus Christ and all the Apostles seek his opinion and advise in all situation as the believe he is very close to Jesus Christ. Peter often open confession of his love and bosterius commitment of his loyalty and readiness to go any length even to death with Jesus earn him a lot of respect among the apostles.

    Mark.14:16-72(Peters Denial) Peter action is applicable to a lot of us, we use our mouth to over promise what we cannot deliver, and later turn to realize our mistakes when we fail. We go into self castigation and guilty feeling of our actions that our mouth has misled us and sometimes seek repentance and mercy as Peter Did.

     Jesus Resutrction; when Jesus resurrected and appeared to the apostles, their where only seven apostles present including Peter, when he saw Jesus his action was hilarious as he jumped into the water to hug him; such awkward moment in our life, we face the reality of our action when we least expected it.

   Jesus welcomed Peter with open hand forgave him of his betrayal and accepted to move forward on the task ahead, he further seek peters commitment to be well assured that Peter has realized his past mistake and repented from such action and willing to start over again to a new beginning (John 21:15-17)

     In life we find it difficult to give a second chance to people who has denied,betrayed and hurt us in life,as we as human being are insecure,afraid,doubtful and suspicions of others and keep a lot of past malice in heart. 

Jesus actions shows us that forgiveness and given a second chance to those who has failed us in life is worth the risk.

  Human being has a lot of flaws and  hindsight and can be better than before and learn from our past mistakes as Peter did. (18) 

When you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hand, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.”

Jesus Christ as our lord and savior, has set the bar high for his followers by showing us his unlimited love and forgiveness to our sin. We as Christ like are expected to live an exemplary live that will be worthy of emulation from others. 

Forgiveness is the key to Gods heart, we should learn to forgive those who erred us and give them a second chance to fulfill their word and commitment and regain the trust we have on them. 




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