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Tongue (James3:1-12)

The power of tongue; tongue is something strong ,thou small but very powerful in impacting our daily life’s. 

Hitler rise was based on his vocal oratory and command of words with his tongue, he used his tongue to create lies and fear that compel people to see him as powerful to change the world based on his ideology of Facism”.

When tongue speaks evil; it infects all part of the body and compels it to react in accordance to it’s dictation.

We have seen in this 21st century the rise of Donald Trump, who is a billionaire in real estate, has a very vocal tongue he used to twist and infect the political system. 

By projecting himself as an outsider who has come to change the statue quo without proffering  details of how he can effect a change but with rhetoric from his tongue, professing fear and anarchy with claims like “Only him alone can make a change in a polarized society” with calls for the ban and profiling of Moslems and build walls to ward of immigrant”has risen to be a populist among young and old Americans with a slogan (Make America Great Again)

When silence is evil is when something is  wrong but we choose to shut out mouth. 

Jeremiah 7:1-12)  God concerns to our life’s in all our action and utterances. The motivation to speak or to be silent is more important before God . not all spoken word are evil sometimes they are necessary.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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