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It takes Goldly parents to raise a child

Hilary Clinton has broken the glass ceiling today,because of her upbringing that has given her a resilient spirit. 

In one of her book (It takes a village to raise a child) the subject of the title greatly transcend that only a parents cannot raise a child but a whole lot of the community which include, neighbors,teachers,pastors,church,friends,hospitals,doctors,school and all institutions that the child will be exposed to in live.

As Christians we may also question or dispute Hilary’s subject. 

As we are more guided based on Gods guiding principle, which greatly influence our growth to make the right choices for our future. 

Based on our influences by our Godly fearing parents that has raised and impacted such Godly principles that has made us to know and fear God at the same time accept God as our lord and savior, we are under obligation to impact such way to our children so as not to allow the community to lead or influence them with such corrupt doctrines.

Susannah Wesley principles of bringing up a child:

.Subdue their self will

.Reward their good behavior 

.Strictly observe all promises you have made to the child 

.Bring them to church on Sunday 

.Apply what is learned on Sunday all throughout the rest of the week.

.Teach them young

(A child that sees the parents carry a bible on Sunday and never open it on any other day will learn that Christianity is only practiced on a Sunday.)


All Timothy instruction in the word , and God’s way had do with preparing him for service to the Lord.

(acts16:1-5, Timothys good reputation had its start in his mothers good reputation

Eunice served,Timothy followed.

(train a child in the way it should go and when he is old he will not turn from it”)

Many a time parents make such decisions of not impacting their children or influencing them on life decisions concerning their choices in life, they choosing to stand by and let the child make such life decisions. 

They are ignorantly wrong to know that when the fail to influence their children’s future, they community will feel in the space for such parents, which refers us back to Hilary Clinton’s book subject (It takes a village to raise a Child)

We should be an example before our children for when you do ” all your sons and daughters will be taught of the lord and their well being will be great(Isaiah54:13)


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