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Physical Health & Entertainment as an Enterprise.

That a state can be the heart beat of sports and entertainment if theinvest in facilities that will create such a platform that will allow the youths to embrace it at early age. Because talents captured early harnesses the future. I remember when I was in Togo in late 2000, every morning you will see … Continue reading

Who am I.(Mathew9:9-13)

Who am I; In front of man and in front of God? this question if placed in front of us gives us a deep reflection that may direct us to knowing who we are before Man and God.  Some may respond that the are different kind of professional personality which the will use to define … Continue reading

challenges in serving Isaiah Commission(Isaiah6:1-8)

Everybody wants to be a boss and no Nobody wants to be a servant;  Who is it that we are serving ,as who we serve defines our destiny in life. for our future is in the hands of who we serve. If we are willing to serve God in truth and in spirit he will … Continue reading

Rio Olympic2016 and activist for change

Protest mar Rio Olympics opening. Activist always make their protest on a big platform. You cannot talk about Rio Olympics opening without mentioning the Protest against the host country poor economic suffering why spending $25Billion to host a month event. South Africa ruling ANC suffers first post Nelson Mandela election defeat at Madela municipality council. … Continue reading


Global drone business is valued at 125,300,000,000$ . Nigeria,south Africa, Somalia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya are countries with armed drone. Quiet interesting that our military is in par with modern warfare.  Security is big money and area of interest for investors.