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challenges in serving Isaiah Commission(Isaiah6:1-8)

Everybody wants to be a boss and no Nobody wants to be a servant; 

Who is it that we are serving ,as who we serve defines our destiny in life. for our future is in the hands of who we serve.

If we are willing to serve God in truth and in spirit he will reward us in abundance of wisdom and knowledge which empowers us to be successful in life. 

King Solomon chose to serve God, and was elevated to the throne of David with abundance wisdom and knowledge which he used to amass material wealth and human wealth and spiritual wealth above any King of Isreal after and before.

Jesus Christ the son of God who came to this world to serve and sacrifice his life in service to humanity was greatly rewarded and elevated by God and today he is the prince of peace, the savior and redeemer seated at the right hand of the Father and nobody will come to the father except he believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he and the father is one, that his the redeemer of the forsaken sinners, poor,oppressed, the king of kings and trinity.

the church that it’s source is through members should give incentives to members of all category intelligent or not, nobody can say his born intelligent rather intelligent is developed through all vices good or bad. 

Churches are now capitalist agent who siphon public fund in the name of church investment with only the pastor and the council holding share of the investment.

That is why the fight against each other over position of authority and power to spend and decide how the fund will be disbursed.

Bernie Sanders campaign promise was tuition free tertiary institutions so the student will work hard and not worry about student debt when the graduate.

For him, who believe in a social economic system such promise can be realists as he has to tax the rich more, the Republican who are conservative and more of representing the church value oppose raising tax for the rich as the suggest it will strangle the economy as rightly suggested. 

The private institutions claim such policy will affect them as some will close down as more student will prefer Bernie offer. All this is politics and politics protects the upper class and live the lower class insecure. 

The church can run a free tertiary as it’s funded by the church fund. Empowering your members to be better in the society with the right skills is more fundamental right of every human being and church should lead as Jesus Christmas Led.

 BTW the are using the name of Jesus Christ as a franchise to attract members who will in turn invest through tithe and offering to sustain the church values.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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