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Who am I.(Mathew9:9-13)

Who am I; In front of man and in front of God? this question if placed in front of us gives us a deep reflection that may direct us to knowing who we are before Man and God.

 Some may respond that the are different kind of professional personality which the will use to define who the are;doctors,tax collectors,engineers,pastor,investor etc, our occupation define who we are before man and not before God. 

what we do in life most of the time is a reflection of our vision to life and how we want to be remembered or addressed,at the same time such reflection and vision as immortal are not Gods vision and reflection of who we are.

Mathew 9:11-12, Jesus the messiah, the only begotten Son of God who has come to redeem the world, view of tax collectors and associating with them is quiet opposite of what the Pharisees visualize about the same people the “tax collector.

For our physical outlook doesn’t define who we are, our profession doesn’t qualify our personality and our association doesn’t define our ability and who we are. 

For its not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners. For we are only saved by grace and we live by the same grace.

Our priority in life should not be how we are seen by man but how We are seen by God. 


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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