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The cost of following Jesus”(time is one) (Mark2:1-12)

When you look at people what do you see?some can spot different characters of the people be it negative or positive.  When you focus on the four men who came together to help a paralysed man, by carrying him to Jesus;The must have seen beyond his paralysis, and seen his potential to be better in … Continue reading

Democratic Process.

Hilary speech today was very detailed on how she will create jobs, provide healthcare, education,immigration concerns by Latinos who are minority with economic potential to help American economy grow.   With her immigration policy US treasury will generate close to $700billion liquid cash.  The fact that leadership should identify with potentials of each race and harmonize … Continue reading

“Don’t Worry”(Mathew 6:25-33)

The most beautiful word of God as experienced  by most or reflected in our daily life, is Mathew 6:25-34). Seeking first the kingdom of God gives us the platform to excel in our daily life. For we cannot excel in our daily life when we are plaqued with worries of varnity which can neither give … Continue reading

If walking with Jesus, Little is enough (John6:9-13)

When we read about Jesus, is a true fact that each story stand out from the other on account of his ministry. The young boy, who is touched by Jesus to share they little he has with the multitude, shows how far he was willing to go to show his commitment and believe in Jesus … Continue reading