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The cost of following Jesus”(time is one) (Mark2:1-12)

When you look at people what do you see?some can spot different characters of the people be it negative or positive. 

When you focus on the four men who came together to help a paralysed man, by carrying him to Jesus;The must have seen beyond his paralysis, and seen his potential to be better in life.

Their commitment and determination to help the paralysed man, devoting their time and sacrificing their resources in other to Ensure that this paralysed man receive the help he need shows they foresee the change his healing will bring into his life.

These four men are men of faith who see beyond the physical inability of a fellow man but believe without doubt that Jesus can heal this man, if only the can put in effort and  bring him to where Jesus was, regardless of what the cost is, if we are convinced that Jesus can change the situation in a man’s life,then we have to make effort to help him to get to Jesus.

The challenge of bringing this man to Jesus was filled with obstacles, as the house was filled up and no space or way the can reach to Jesus.

With such obstacle is very easy to give up and apologise and accept failure, is very easy for one of the men to decide to give up and affect the determination of the three, but this four people are united in faith and believe in Jesus. 

The are determined to realise their Mission and nothing can stop them from full filling their heart desire to help this man. The went to the room with all determination pulled the roof open and lowered the paralysed man before Jesus.

Jesus seeing their faith ” Jesus said to the man, your sin is forgiven” the heart desire of the paralysis was to be healed, to be normal and to walk again, how do you react when all your heart desire and determination to reach your goal is rewarded with a different expectation, no doubt your spirit will be Low?

 But healing can only take place after your Sin has been forgiven, as after forgiven his Sin, “Jesus said to the Man, rise up and pick your mat and go home” Jesus ask him to pick his mat, so he will never forget his past, so he will always remember this moment of change in his life.

When a door is closed and stop you from reaching your goal, you have to be Creative to find another way you can reach your goal. The four men where not detered by the crowd that blocks the door, the where not afraid to take risk, they where patient to think, they where determined to put their Creative idea into action.

Difficult moment is the best time to introduce and bring people to Jesus, as people are more open minded. You have to find the right moment to sow a seed in a persons life, for our word should bring light to the darkness.

The amazement that such moment create will live a lasting impact on the people and person, for any one who come encounter with God will surely confess that Jesus Christ is the saviour and Lord.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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