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“Who is my neighbor?” (Luke 10:25-37)

Definition of who is your neighbor as stated in the holy book are people whom we are not familier with but accept in principle as not having much difference as human beings. Jesus directive using the book of law and word of God to inform about how we can inherit eternal life and who is … Continue reading

“Change to be an agent of change”( Actd2:41-47)

In every human life their should be a daily change that happens. Definition to change; is to make a form nature content future course.  An agent of change is a group or individual organisation more usually a person acts as a catalyst for change. Reasons to change:who professes belief in Jesus , Gods chosen ones … Continue reading

God’s defence of marriage act (Act10:2-12)

For the single fact that we can stand on our feet every day is because of God mercy and grace, for he alone can guarantee us life. The Pharisees who has a history of aristocrats has great doubt in others, but great trust in themselves, tested Jesus by asking ” Is it lawful for a … Continue reading

“Intimacy with God”( Joshua 23:6-11)

Give attention to Gods word;God never blesses disobedience,keeping and doing Gods word by reading it daily enhances our understanding,wisdom and knowledge on God will upon our life. Been strong in Gods word and not deviating from the right to the left help us to avoid pagan influence. The way one avoid being shaped after the … Continue reading