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God’s defence of marriage act (Act10:2-12)

For the single fact that we can stand on our feet every day is because of God mercy and grace, for he alone can guarantee us life.

The Pharisees who has a history of aristocrats has great doubt in others, but great trust in themselves, tested Jesus by asking ” Is it lawful for a man to divorce his Wife?”

Jesus respond with a question on what Moses commanded them to do, as he knows the hold Moses in high esteem , the responded “Moses permitted a man to write a certificate of divorce and send her away”.

A lot of things comes into play before a marriage arrives at a divorce conclusion, and we have look back to how the spouses fell in love before arriving to get married.

Been in love is not an adequate foundation for building a successful marriage why? Because their are other factors we have to consider to ensure that our feeling is not fantasy that result to an early divorce. 

Been in love is an emotional obsession of a person which causes tingling and excitements but is that enough? We have to know that romance has two stages of learning.

1. The spouses language that may give you better understanding of what your spouse feel towards you and actions you need to take to better responds to her emotional feelings.

2. Words of affirmation ; A person who feels appreciated will do more than is expected. The saying “like Mother,like Daughter and “like Father,like Son” is not a myth why? Because as we tend to get old our character and action are influenced or is transformed by such characters that our parents possess. Is important you understand your Mother inLaw in other to better understand his Wife and for the woman to better understand his father in law in other to better understand her husband 

3. Apologising is a sign of strength; We have this ego that “real men don’t apologise” “the most successful marriage is build when both Husband and Wife self esteem are on the balance. forgiveness is the first step in processing hurt and healing .

4. Who does what; In house activities and responsibilities should not be regarded as a competition among couples as is through collective effort and support that a family will stand strong. Marriage is an interdependence institution that responsibility should be rotational and flexible. 

Marriage is not just between Husband and Wife but combinations of both family that has different culture and principles.

“In marriage, spirituality should not to be equated with going to church”. 

Rather reading and sharing the word of God with daily family prayers helps to grow the spirit and influence our actions and utterances towards our spouses.

5. That personality,profoundly influences behaviour; Means understanding your spouse character before and after marriage is important but assuming you can influence a change on your spouse character before and after marriage will only usher in misunderstandings.

 If you know the character of your spouse respect it and if you think such characters are not compatible to yours, don’t enter into a marriage that is not compacible to your life.


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