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“Change to be an agent of change”( Actd2:41-47)

In every human life their should be a daily change that happens.

Definition to change; is to make a form nature content future course. 

An agent of change is a group or individual organisation more usually a person acts as a catalyst for change.

Reasons to change:who professes belief in Jesus , Gods chosen ones .apostles also change through the calling and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Christian’s are in the world but not of the world, lives according to the teaching of Jesus, it is only by Gods initiative and power.

Reasons to be an agent of change(

. Have a potential to cause change if things and system

.can affect- influence- impact change if trend behaviour attitude values of secular 

.you did not choose me but I choose you to bear fruit (John15:16)

. The world wants to see christians virtues

. The great commission (Mathew 28:16-20)

.The great commandment Deuteronomy 6:4-5

Three stages of maturity : Dependent,Independent and Interdependent 

Depend : 

Independent ; God choose his special people 

Interdependent; God want the church to be one.

Solution in act2:41-47

By having four principles a must not an option.

. Apostles teaching is authoritative and authentication of God. The teaching was the gospel/ good news, Jesus was the fulfilment of the Old Testament.

.Fellowship; means joint participation in sharing what God has done in our life. Sharing financial resources, partaking in meals as a sign of our faith and love to God.

.The breaking of bread ;not always a reference to the communion but as a reminder of God pardon and love as a sign of one body in unity in Christ Jesus.

The Prayer; the diligently persisted in the prayer at the temple, usher in a change and protect us from harm.

2. By having church maturity

Living in the guidance of the Holy Spirit by inviting many people to serve God 

Good management; Time,(46) meet every day or weekly to be able to learn,pray and empower each other’s.

Ministry (42-43) the apostles used the time with the congregation to teaching and communal fellowship by breaking of bread. For Christ is for all through evangelism and service the unity of the church was saved.

Money; 44-45 put all the money at the apostles feet on the fist day of every week 

Prepare to suffer for Christ (47) enjoying the favor of all the people that are persecuted 


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