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We have never seen anything like this!!! (Luke15vs11-32)

What have you done, on what you have heard? Most often we listen or read the same story or sermon been repeated and we get disinterested and complain at the same time condemn the preacher for his action.

Actually most of us has failed to take action on what was preached and what the have read in the past, the have assumed the position of knowing what was preached but has failed to understand  the purpose and message beneath what was preached thereby failing to take action but quickly to reject its repetition.

We live in a changing world, where the fundamental human values in conservative with our faith has been over ridden  with our quest to discover a new way of life and listen to a fresh message that is easily conversant with our changing life style and world.

Our experience in life has all been centred on our past mistakes and messages we have been able to make and listen that has further empowered us to be in a better position in life and be well prepared to face the future challenges, with a continuous references to our past as a better guiding handbook.

Looking back where we started and the direction we are headed will help us to better align our focus. 

The prodigal son message is a very clear picture of how some times we elope with life in ourself entitlement to our inheritance, that we fail to understood how the foundation of such fortune was build, been fortunate should be a privilege and not an entitlement.

Many times difficulties makes us to seat back and question ourselves on our attitude and action, it gives us a chance to look back where we have gone wrong and how we arrived at the mess, such moments bring back the messages of wisdom from our father and the comfort and security we enjoyed when we where an obedient child listening and doing what our father has asked us.

Often, many of us after reviewing our past regrets, has failed to initiate actions to amend,correct and realign our ways. Many of us has listen to the same messages often and still remain with our pride, enmeshed in our present life that we are worried about what repercussions await us if we decide to realign and make amend.

The most greatest step is to stand up and take action,releasing all your worries to God and been remorseful in your action by discarding your pride and ego that has led you astray. The response he received on his return was beyond his expectations, the joy,smile and celebrations that welcomed him home was never expected. What matters to the father was not his past action but his physical return  to his root, the bravery to take the step back home to listen again same message of wisdom and God the father has always repeated.

The difference between a child and a servant is the attitude in service, for a child will see service as a burden and the servant will see it as a privilege , our attitude will determine how we are doing, if we see ministry in the church as a privilege we will be glad to do more but if we see it as a burden then we will lack the passion to serve.

Serving God takes a lot of things, and we have to remember first what it took God to redeem and forgive our life from sin.

The danger the church is facing today are because the leaders of the church of God lacks personal relationship with God and are more interested in serving their personal ideological interests than God interests. 


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